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Martha Evans and Julie Morris, both of Burdett, were elected to serve as new board trustees. Re-elected were Jane Leszyk of Watkins Glen as treasurer and Claudia LaFace and Kelsey Wood as trustees. All board terms begin May 1.

“Like our state, nation and world, the Society is at a crossroads,” Hubsch said. “The future is much more uncertain now than it was just a few months ago. Life is surreal as we live through the COVID-19 pandemic. We have had loyal and wonderful staff, volunteers and members, and I am optimistic that we will emerge stronger than ever. These events have emphasized that history repeats itself, and we will contiue to preserve it for Schuyler County.” 

Hubsch thanked Paul Bartow, who led the Historical Society as board president for the last two years.

“Paul’s vision for the Society, especially in the area of digitization, launched us on a path that is opening our collections to everyone, anywhere, through the Internet and social media. We’re grateful for the energy and enthusiasm he gave to the board, museum operations and interactions with the public,” she said.

Hubsch was Society board treasurer for nine years and has served or continues to serve on several committees. Her talents as a hand embroiderer are recognized in the region, especially in the style of surface embroidery and stumpwork. Her career included work in the pharmaceutical industry, teaching chemistry instrumentation at Elmira College and serving as a volunteer interpretive ranger for the National Park Service and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. She has lived in Schuyler County for 30 years, currently on Lamoka Lake with her husband, Bob DeYager.

New trustees Morris and Evans also have been involved with the Historical Society’s work through the years.

Morris was a longtime museum volunteer when she took over the director’s position from 2016-18. She was an elementary school teacher and continues to substitute at B.C. Cate Elementary School in Montour Falls. She moved to Schuyler County in 2005 and is married to retired Schuyler County Judge Dennis Morris.

Evans also is a retired educator. She taught in the Watkins Glen Elementary School for 30 years and at Elmira College as an adjunct professor for 10 years. She is a lifelong resident of Burdett and currently serves as a village board trustee and as village historian. She frequently welcomes visitors to the Society’s Lee School Museum, playing the role of “school marm.” She is married to Richard Evans.

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Jean Hubsch New President of Historical Society Board of Trustees

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​​The May 2 talk at the Brick Tavern Museum by Charles Fausold on "A Tale of Three Doctors" has been cancelled. We hope to reschedule for another date in 2020.

The May 16 open house at the Lee School has been cancelled.


Jean Hubsch of Tyrone is returning to the role of president of the Schuyler County Historical Society Board of Trustees.

Hubsch has been associated with the Historical Society for at least 20 years and previously served as board president from 2015-18.

The recent board election was planned for the Historical Society’s annual membership dinner meeting, scheduled for Thursday, April 30, at the Burdett Fire Department. With the meeting’s cancellation, Historical Society members were invited to participate in the election via mail-in ballots. Voting ended April 17.

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