Charles Cook

One of the outstanding names in Schuyler County history is Charles Cook ...

Queen Catharine Montour

There are varying accounts of her life and the myths and legends that have surrounded the influential “Queen.” ... 

Samuel Watkins
by 1842 Dr. Watkins, widely held as the “founder” of Watkins Glen, had established a single community ... 

John Magee

was a poor, uneducated young man with a lot of ambition, in an undeveloped frontier region ...

Jane Arminda Delano

Twenty years of innovative nursing had given Miss Delano an understanding of the country's need for more trained nurses ...

James Hope

Artist, born in Scotland and fought in the Civil War, and most known for his landscapes; he moved to Watkins Glen where he died in 1872...

Charles Deland Clawson

“The history of a town is found in the lives of its citizens.” In truth, this
can be said of Dr. Charles Deland Clawson, one of our pioneer doctors...

David Bennet Hill

A politician who gained a national reputation, was born August 29, 1843, at Havana (now Montour Falls)...

James A. Shepard
William H. Shepard, Sr. purchased a small foundry in Havana (now Montour Falls) in 1878. By 1880 he and his two sons, William Jr. and James, started their own company known as William H. Shepard & Sons. James developed gearing systems and drive designs that are still in use today...

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History of Schuyler County

During the Revolutionary War when General John Sullivan and his army moved through the Finger Lakes region in 1779, most resident Indians fled to the British at Fort Niagara, Canada where they had been promised safety and care. Small groups remained outside the perimeter of the Army’s march which was ordered by George Washington as a move to deprive the British of support provided by their Indian allies.  Villages and crops were destroyed.

After the war some of the veterans of the Sullivan-Clinton Expedition returned to the region to settle the lands. Earliest permanent settlers arrived in: Town of Montour 1788; Hector 1790; Dix 1797; Cayuta, Reading and Tyrone, 1798; Catharine 1799 and Orange in 1802.
As known today, Schuyler’s eight towns were formed as follows: Catharine in 1798; Hector 1802; Reading 1806; Tyrone 1822; Cayuta 1824; Dix 1835; Orange 1836; and Montour, the last defined geographically, 1860, six years after the county was established.
Watkins Glen was officially declared the county seat in 1877 after a prolonged legal struggle with Montour Falls for the designation.

Want to learn more about the history of this area? Please come visit our museum and our research library located in the Brick Tavern in Montour Falls. If you are unable to visit us, we have gathered several websites that we think might be use to you in your search for more information. Good luck!

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