The History of the Town of Catharine, Schuyler County, New York
Author: M. Louise (Catlin) Cleaver
Published: 1945 – 674 pages
Price: $54.00
Cleaver has written a complete history of the town of Catharine, starting with the Native Americans who first lived in the area. She also includes descriptions of many of the families that resided in Catharine, and asked members of each family to write their own histories for the book. She also writes about the colony of New York, and discusses in depth about Schuyler County and other towns located within it.

Railroads Remembered; The History of railroads in western New York and Pennsylvania
Author: Ian G. Mackenzie
Published: 2014 – 148 pages
Price: $30.00
This book describes the history of every railroad operated between and today in Western New York and western Pennsylvania. It also includes information on electric trolley lines, local streetcars, major railroad bridges, abandoned rail lines, railroad museums, and six former railroad employees.   

Timeless Bounty; Food and Wine in New York’s Finger Lakes
Author: Thomas Pellechia
Published: 2014, 165 pages.
Price: $20.45
Timeless Bounty chronicles food and drink options throughout the Finger Lakes region, including the Cheese Trail of the Finger Lakes, and the famous Seneca Lake Wine Trail. It also includes stunning images, local recipes, and a history on dairy and apple production in the region.

Echoes from the Stage That Influenced a Generation; A story of performing arts at Corning Glass Center and the Twin Tiers
Author: Robert Louis Lyon
Published: 1994 – 180 pages
Price: $11.00
Echoes from the Stage tells the story of a generation of performing arts in Corning, NY and the Twin Tiers region which won acclamation from New York and London critics. 

Seneca Sunrise; The Life and Times of Frederick Davis, Jr. 
Author: Frank W. Steber
Published: 2002 - 134 pages
Price: $12  New lower price
In this fictional biography, Steber tells the story of Frederick Davis, Jr., who made a large impact on Watkins Glen. The story takes place in the late 1860s, after the Civil War, and allows the reader to experience an economically booming Watkins Glen.

Schuyler County Days Bygone; An Historical look at Schuyler County
Author: Barbara H. Bell
Published: 2008 - 338 pages
Price: $8.00   New reduced price
Schuyler County’s longest term historian tells tales, mysteries, and interesting facts of Seneca Lake and settlements, jobs, and lifestyles within the county. The author features many photographs of Schuyler County to help tell new and old stories alike. 

Town of Catharine History; Schuyler County, New York
Author: Carol Tetz Fagnan
Published: 2003 – 336 pages
Price: $75.00
This detailed history of the town of Catharine provides in-depth information on nearly every road in the town, as well as several families that have resided there. It is meant as a clarification to Cleaver’s “Line-up of Property” section in her 1945 book, The History of the Town of Catharine, Schuyler County, New York.

History of Families; Schuyler County, NY
Author: John Potter, ed.,
Schuyler County Historical Society
Published: 2005 - 144 pages

Price: $ 32.50
This book gives a history of Schuyler County, and how the county, and the towns within, were formed and named. It also includes the history of many of the families that have lived in Schuyler County, some since the late 1700s.

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Boyhood Memories of Bolton Brown
Author: Bolton Brown
Published: 1986 – 127 pages
Price: $5.50
Bolton Brown was an artist whose most noteworthy achievement was to raise stone lithography to a perfection never seen before his time. He was also a teacher, writer, and thinker. He founded the Standford University art department and later founded the Woodstock, New York art colony. His story begins in Dresden, New York where he was born, and Burdett, New York where he was raised by his paternal grandparents. 

The Story of a Sugar Bowl; A family history of Schuyler County, New York
Author: Joanne Carpenter Parke
Published: 1987 – 30 pages
Price: $5.50
The book is composed of short histories of the past and present owners of an ironstone sugar bowl that changed hands several times over many generations in the Schuyler County area.  

NASCAR: Watkins Glen International
Authors: Michael Argetsinger and Bill Green
Published: 2013 – 123 pages
Price: $23.75
This book is part of the official NASCAR collection, providing information on the history of the Watkins Glen racetrack through the use of extraordinary photographs taken between 1948 and 2013.

Letters to Suzanna; The First Twenty Years
Author: Barbara H. Bell
Published: 1992 - 184 pages
Price: $16.25
Letters to Suzanna is a fictional story of an eight-year-old girl named Suzanna, who asked, in a magazine, for a pen-pal. The book is a collection of letters to Suzanna from Susahannah Sukey Nash, a pioneer settler in 1808 who responded to Suzanna’s request. 

Shifting Gears; Tales of pistons, paint cans and personalities
Author: Tony Vickio
Published: 2014 – 359 pages
Price: $21.50
Tony Vickio is a dirt track racecar driver and professional sign painter who drove on many of the dirt tracks in upstate New York. In his book, Vickio gives his behind-the-scenes viewpoint on some of the biggest racetracks in the country, including Watkins Glen International.

The Stoneware of Havana, N.Y.; and its makers 1850-1888
Author: Allen F. Sweet
Published: 2011 - 87 pages
Price: $20   New lower price
The Stoneware of Havana, N.Y. includes images and descriptions of several types and collections of stoneware and pottery produced in Havana, and the surrounding areas of Montour Falls and Watkins Glen.

Beaver Dams Homestead; the Diaries of Truman Grove Beecher
Edited by: Patricia J. Beecher
Published: 2003 - 431 pages
Price: $11.00
Beaver Dams Homestead is a collection of the diaries of Truman Grover Beecher, 1862-1887. Truman was a farmer, inventor, entrepreneur, and traveler. He was also actively involved in the formation and growth of Beaver Dams, New York. 

Seneca Hope; The Life and Landscapes of James Hope
Author: Frank W. Steber
Published: 2012 – 116 pages
Price: $12   New lower price 
In 1872, landscape painter James Hope moved to Watkins, paint the famous glen. In this work of historical fiction, Steber imagines Hope’s life in Watkins Glen and reflects on his days in Vermont and New York City before moving to the Seneca Lake region.

Watkins Glen Tour Guide
Author: Gordon D. Cooper
Published: 2009 – 311 pages
Price: $30 
This tour guide provides locals and tourists alike with the full Watkins Glen experience. It includes a history of the town, maps, photographs and five tours which guide you through Historic Downtown, the State Park Gorge Trail, the Upper Glen and FLT/NCT, the Historic Race Course, and Seneca Lake Wineries. 

The Village of Havana, New York
Author: Wayne E. Morrison, Sr.
Price: $59.50
This is an in-depth history of Havana, New York, now called Montour Falls. It includes the early history of Havana, people and families who were important in the formation of the village, newspaper articles from The Havana Journal, the laws of the village, a history of the Chemung Canal, and much more.   

A Link in the Great Chain; A History of the Chemung Canal
Author: Gary Emerson
Published: 2004 - 100 pages
Price: $13.50
This Chemung Canal operated from 1833 to 1878. It was connected to the Chemung River and provided access to the Erie Canal through the Cayuga and Seneca Canals. A Link in the Great Chain provides information on the construction and commercial use of the Chemung Canal.

Schuyler County Historical Society

Around Watkins Glen; Images of America
Author: Charles R. Mitchell & Kirk W. House
Published: 2006 - 128 pages
Price: $21.50
This book, from the Images of America series, contains photographs taken in Watkins Glen and the surrounding areas, including Montour Falls, Odessa, Burdett, and Hector. It also includes photos of Watkins Glen gorge, Seneca Lake, local vineyards, and Grand Prix racing.

The Ballad of Bertie; from his Journal
Author: Barbara Bell
Published: 1966 - 34 pages
Price: $2.00
Bertie Canfield was a 12-year-old boy who moved to Burdett, New York with his family, who obtained land under the Homestead Act in 1880. Bertie kept a diary filled with several ballads, printed in this book. ​

Atlas; Schuyler County, N.Y. 1874
Publisher: Pomeroy, Whitman, & Co.
Published: 1874 – 57 pages
Price: $59.50
This is an atlas that includes maps of the towns and villages located in Schuyler County, NY in 1874. It also includes photographs and a description of the Cook Academy. 

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