Havana, New York
Author: Wayne E. Morrison, Sr.
Price: $59.50
This is an in-depth history of Havana, New York, now called Montour Falls. It includes the early history of Havana, people and families who were important in the formation of the village, newspaper articles from The Havana Journal, the laws of the village, a history of the Chemung Canal and much more.   

Burdett, Souvenir

Author: Compiled by Burdett High School students, 1921
Published: Reproduction - 35 pages
Price: $8.00
In 1921, students at Burdett High School wrote essays and poems about their school, their community and their everyday lives. Step back in time with this reproduction of that "souvenir" booklet. Several photographs are included.

Letters to Suzanna, The First Twenty Years
Author: Barbara H. Bell
Published: 1992 - 184 pages
Price: $16.25
Letters to Suzanna is a fictional story of an eight-year-old girl named Suzanna, who asked, in a magazine, for a pen-pal. The book is a collection of letters to Suzanna from Susahannah Sukey Nash, a pioneer settler in 1808 who responded to Suzanna’s request. 

Life at Cotton-Hanlon's Mill Site at Cayuta, New York
Author: Carol Fagnan
Published: 2022 - 98 pages
Price: $22.00
Carol Fagnan and a crew of helpers collected stories and photographs from people whose families or neighbors worked at Cotton-Hanlon in Cayuta starting in the 1920s. Many lived in the small neighborhoods near the facility.

A Link in the Great Chain, A History of the Chemung Canal
Author: Gary Emerson
Published: 2004 - 100 pages
Price: $13.50
This Chemung Canal operated from 1833 to 1878. It was connected to the Chemung River and provided access to the Erie Canal through the Cayuga and Seneca Canals. A Link in the Great Chain provides information on the construction and commercial use of the Chemung Canal.

Timeless Bounty, Food and Wine in New York’s Finger Lakes
Author: Thomas Pellechia
Published: 2014 - 165 pages.
Price: $20.45
Timeless Bounty chronicles food and drink options throughout the Finger Lakes region, including the Cheese Trail of the Finger Lakes and the Seneca Lake Wine Trail. It also includes stunning images, local recipes and a history on dairy and apple production in the region.

Seneca Sunrise, The Life and Times of Frederick Davis, Jr. 
Author: Frank W. Steber
Published: 2002 - 134 pages
Price: $12  
In this fictional biography, author Frank Steber tells the story of Frederick Davis Jr., who made a large impact on Watkins Glen. The story takes place in the late 1860s, after the Civil War, and allows the reader to experience an economically booming Watkins Glen.

Schuyler County Days Bygone, An Historical look at Schuyler County
Author: Barbara H. Bell
Published: 2008 - 338 pages
Price: $8.00   
Schuyler County’s longest serving historian tells tales, mysteries and interesting facts of Seneca Lake and settlements, jobs and lifestyles in the county. The book features many photographs of Schuyler County to help tell new and old stories alike. 

Titanic: My Story

Author: John Pulos

Published: 2022 -  218 pages

Price: $25.00

Montour Falls native John Pulos spent 15 years researching the Titanic, the passengers who lived in the region and the exquisite meals served onboard. During those years, he hosted 10 Titanic dinners at his Chef’s Diner, plus a lavish 100th anniversary gala. This is the story of those years and those passengers. And those feasts, which readers can replicate with included recipes.

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Beaver Dams Homestead, the Diaries of Truman Grove Beecher
Edited by: Patricia J. Beecher
Published: 2003 - 431 pages
Price: $11.00
Beaver Dams Homestead is a collection of the diaries of Truman Grover Beecher, 1862-1887. Truman was a farmer, inventor, entrepreneur, and traveler. He was also actively involved in the formation and growth of Beaver Dams, New York. 

Murder & Mayhem in the Finger Lakes
Author: R. Marcin

Publisher: The History Press

Published: 2020 - 160 pages
Price: $24.00 
The pristine waters of the Finger Lakes inspire tranquility, but the region has not ben spared a history of high-profile murders. Watkins Glen author R. Marcin explores the gruesome history of homicide in eight counties of the Finger Lakes Region, including Schuyler County.

The Stoneware of Havana, N.Y. and Its Makers 1850-1888
Author: Allen F. Sweet
Published: 2011 - 87 pages
Price: $20   
The Stoneware of Havana, N.Y. includes images and descriptions of several types and collections of stoneware and pottery produced in Havana, and the surrounding areas of Montour Falls and Watkins Glen.

50 Hidden Gems of Greater Western New York
Author: Christopher Carosa
Published: 2012 - 224 pages.
Price: $21.50
For too long the nation has dismissed the Greater Western New York region as a mere punchline. Told in a light-hearted and entertaining manner, the book reveals some of the most delicious underexposed treasures the region offers. These people, places, and events not only help define Greater Western New York, but have often helped define America as well.

Echoes in the Valley
Author: Jud Spena
Published: 2005 – 221 pages
Price: $25.00
This is the history of the Squires Drum and Bugle Corps. The book chronicles the development of this unique activity from its beginning in the early 1930’s with a dozen or so Boy Scouts to its pinnacle in the late 1970’s as the corps grew to well over 100 members, crisscrossed the country in a caravan of school buses and became state and national champions. Further it paints a picture of a small community proud to support its young people in their musical endeavors.

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Boyhood Memories of Bolton Brown
Author: Bolton Brown
Published: 1986 – 127 pages
Price: $5.50
Bolton Brown was an artist whose most noteworthy achievement was to raise stone lithography to a perfection never seen before his time. He was also a teacher, writer and thinker. He founded the Standford University Art Department and later founded the Woodstock, NY, art colony. He was raised by his paternal grandparents in Burdett. 

Watkins Glen Tour Guide
Author: Gordon D. Cooper
Published: 2009 – 311 pages
Price: $15 
This tour guide provides locals and tourists alike with the full Watkins Glen experience. It includes a history of the town, maps, photographs and five tours that guide the reader through historic downtown, the Watkins Glen State Park gorge trail, the historic race course and Seneca Lake wineries. 

Seneca Hope, The Life and Landscapes of James Hope
Author: Frank W. Steber
Published: 2012 – 116 pages
Price: $12    
In 1872, landscape painter James Hope moved to Watkins, N.Y.to paint the famous glen. In this work of historical fiction, author Frank Steber imagines Hope’s life in Watkins Glen and reflects on his days in Vermont and New York City before moving to the Seneca Lake region.

Historic Burdett Celebrates 200 Years,

Author: Compiled by the Ladies Wednesday Afternoon Club
Published: 2019 - 134 pages
Price: $25.00
For Burdett's bicentennial in 2019, the Ladies Wednesday Afternoon Club continues the history of this Schuyler County village with new stories and photographs, updating their 1984 edition.

The History of the Town of Catharine, Schuyler County, New York
Author: M. Louise (Catlin) Cleaver
Published: 1945 – 674 pages
Price: $54.00
Cleaver has written a complete history of the Town of Catharine, starting with the Native Americans who first lived in the area. She also includes descriptions of many of the families that resided in Catharine, and asked members of each family to write their own histories for the book. She also writes about the colony of New York and discusses Schuyler County and towns.

Finger Lakes Wine Country
Author: Sarah S. Thompson

Published: 2015 - 128 pages
Price: $24
For more than 150 years, the wine region of the Finger Lakes has played a major role in American wine history. Through text and photos, this book looks at that history through the late 1980s.

A Walk Through Watkins Glen, Water's Sculpture in Stone
Author: Tony Ingraham

Published: 2014 - 86 pages
Price: $27.00
Through flowing words and gorgeous pictures, you will be enchanted by Watkins Glen, one of America's oldest and most charming state parks. You'll discover secrets of its rocks, water, wildlife, and people as park naturalist Tony Ingraham leads you on an imaginary walk under mossy cliffs, behind waterfalls, and past deep rock pools

Town of Catharine History, Schuyler County,

New York
Author: Carol Tetz Fagnan
Published: 2003 – 336 pages
Price: $54.00
This detailed history of the town of Catharine provides in-depth information on nearly every road in the town, as well as several families that have resided there. It is meant as a clarification to Cleaver’s “Line-up of Property” section in her 1945 book, The History of the Town of Catharine, Schuyler County, New York.

A History of Tyrone
Compiled by: Gary Schrickel
Published: 2022, 4th Edition - 128 pages
Price: $21.50
Gary Schrickel has compiled a fascinating selection of book chapters, essays, newspaper stories and photographs to tell the story of the Town of Tyrone and its hamlets - the people, the churches, the wars and the love of the lakes.

Around Watkins Glen, Images of America
Author: Charles R. Mitchell & Kirk W. House
Published: 2006 - 128 pages
Price: $21.50
This book, from the Images of America series, contains photographs taken in Watkins Glen and the surrounding areas, including Montour Falls, Odessa, Burdett  and Hector. It also includes photos of the Watkins Glen State Park gorge, Seneca Lake, local vineyards and Grand Prix racing.

Railroads Remembered, The History of railroads in western New York and western Pennsylvania
Author: Ian G. Mackenzie

​Published: 2014 - 169 pages
Price: $30.00 

This book describes the history of almost every railroad company that ever operated between 1829 and today in western New York and western Pennsylvania.